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    • Double lens
      Characterized by clarity of vision and the light of the double lens of the SWANS.
      Delivers a secure and stable fit.
      Effectively control cloudy air layers of the two high-performance lenses.
      A further round-shaped seal A.P.A through the air with water proof
      In a special air filter prevents distortion double lens due to pressure difference.

    • Polarized lenses
      Minimize glare from crisp vision.
      Warped in the horizontal direction light (polarized) and reflected from the snow surface and the surface of the water and the entire field of view
      Gilla the object to. Increase eye fatigue. High-performance of SWANS
      Polarized lenses is by natural light through a diffused light (polarized)
      Provides a high-contrast and clear visibility.

    • UV kathrens
      Due to the destruction of the ozone layer reaches Earth, harmful UV rays (u.v.),
      Said to cause skin cancer in General, also under the Sun for a long time to
      Putting snow-blinded (UV keratitis), cataracts, pterygium (Hokkaido national runner-up
      Incidence) of the causes of inflammation destroying the epithelium of the cornea disease etc, accompanied by severe pain.
      This kind of harmful UV's all lenses mounted on the SWANS goggles
      Cut the wire (u.v.), promises a safe, comfortable vision.

    • Molded spherical lenses
      Close to the curve of the human eye molded polycarbonate molded spherical lenses.
      Maintaining extremely high impact resistance, also excels in resistance and heat resistance.
      Thus minimizing a significant distortion in optical performance, with wide field of view made it possible.
      Also goggle interior volume increases, reduce the occurrence of cloudy skies Act.

    • Helmet compatible
      Fits perfectly the helmet to protect the head.
      Helmet fit goggles are sampled many of the design frame
      In addition to adopt solid moving parts and movable frames, even when wearing a helmet
      Creates the fittings of the goggles.

    • Clary TeX coat
      Repels snow and dust, ensuring a clear view.
      Lens surface features such as "repellent" and"anti-fouling" possess special coding.
      With excellent water-repellent lens surface moisture up into the
      Keep the rainfall even a clear view.
      Fingerprint and stain-resistant, in addition
      Highlights and more scratch resistant than dirty allows easy removal.

    • Clary-TeX mesh
      Special meshes superior water repellency and stain resistance.
      "Repellent", "anti-fouling of" specific special mesh.
      Maximizing the good or evil condition of the snow, precipitation efficiency ventilation function
      By smoothly into the air contribute to the control of the mostly cloudy skies.

    • Detachable ble forms available
      Swans own detachable ble forms
      Wash and keep clean.
      Also creates the best fitting, such as nose and cheek, fine adjustment is possible.
      You can prolong the goggles replacement feasible even when it becomes stale.

  • Anti-fog treatment
    Special lens to control the cloudy lens.
    Occurrence of the cloudy lens inside a special anti-fog treatment and would interfere with the line of sight
    Effective control. Ventilation in goggle frame (message.
    Cash) with synergy, you can ensure a safe and clear vision.

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